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The game is fun for a one time, liked it. But there is a bug which made one of my crabs go out of arena's range for no reason

Thank you! That happened when we tested as well but there was nothing obvious that was missing and we were running out of time before submitting so we let it in with how little it occured ^^"


I actually adore this game, combining multiple upgrades and making your crab(s) and strong as possible was a lot of fun. Some powerups are definitely more advantageous than others, but overall I really this! The music was certainly pokemon inspired (confirmed after seeing that incredible crab intro) and fit the overall fun theme of the game. The graphics were charming and simple too.

Fantastic work! I hope you'll all continue to produce more in the future!

Thank you so so much! I'm glad you found the upgrades fun, it was worked on late so we didn't have as much time as we wanted with it but it definitely was our core we wanted to revolve around and we definitely had fun with it as well c: